About ODA-865

ODA-865 was founded in 2011 in Knoxville, TN as a mil-sim team that focused on fun, maturity, team tactics, and a uniform team appearance. Starting out primarily at Secret City Airsoft, we began to move more towards regional and eventually national level games. While ODA-865’s roots are in the woods of East Tennessee, our primary battlefield role has been MOUT and CQB.

Team members have participated in numerous national level events, including numerous OLCMSS games such as OP: Irene, OP: Northern Light 2, as well as events put on by other organizers such as American Milsim.

We were away for quite a while as real life had to take precedence. But we have returned, and we’ll be returning to our roots. Starting small and local, and over time building back to regional and national level games.

Hope to see you on the field!

Sweetwater Airsoft Field

This is a great local field for all of the Knoxville, TN area. One of the local fields that you will find ODA-865 playing at. The address is 543 County Road 275 Niota, Tennessee 37826

Insane Paintball/Airsoft

A good indoor field for Airsoft game play. Perfect for those rainy or windy days.

Operation Northern Lights 2011

This was apart of Operation Northern Lights in Linfield, PA hosted by Operation Lion’s Claw.

GSF Airsoft Outdoor Field

This is a large outdoor field for Airsoft Game Play.

GSF Indoor Airsoft Field

This is the GSF indoor field.

Power Ops Airsoft

Power Ops is a huge airsoft field for CQB in Atlanta, GA.

Bad Karma Airsoft

This massive field hosts yearly meetings of airsof and milsim players! One of the largest we have been too.

CartCon 1 Airsoft

Another Airsoft field in Nasvhille, TN.

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ODA-865 is a Mil-Sim airsoft team based in Knoxville, TN. We prioritize teamwork and fun while playing at the local, regional, and national levels.