Mil-Sim Countdown

Our very own KnoxVegas went down to Sweetwater with an ODA Alum, Otter, and slung some plastic at Mil-Sim Countdown. In this NATO vs RUSFOR mil-sim event, the day was spent moving NATO forces to specific fire zones in order to attempt to gather intel on a Russian missile that was being built and prepared for launch. NATO forces were ultimately able to hold off the enemy, and prevent an international crisis from developing.

KnoxVegas and Otter had a great time, and they heard many of the other players talking about how happy they were about the event. It was a great way to give local players who haven’t yet had the opportunity to play a good mil-sim event a taste of what we love to do.

Special thanks to Parafrog Airsoft and especially Josh for all their time and hard work in putting on this event! We can’t wait to get back out and do it again!